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Every lady is royalty and should be treated as such. We are well aware, and that is why we traveled to the birthplace of chivalry itself to draw our inspiration from classic British fashion trends that speak glamour and elegance. 

This collection offers smooth silky dresses with stylish detail at the waist and chest.

The subtle curves make one bold statement of pure class and style - the De La Luna way!

The fascination for corsets never seems to go away, right? That sensual feminine glam for stylish corsets of different patterns, colors, and outfits while turning up with the trim elegance of a lady is unrivaled.

Our corset-toned dresses speak your language, stylish, stunning, and sexy. The sultry outfits are redefined to caress your perfect curves while you exude a glamorous ladylike aura all day long.

There's love in the air and we're loving it!

This season, nothing beats stepping out in that outfit that spins heads and still drips charm. We know this at De La Luna. These dresses are finely curated with the season's special; deep-cut neckline, sexy lace-up designs, and stylish waist detail.

Deep V-neck detail that accentuates your skim neckline and seductive collarbone in effortless you-themed glamour.

Directors, De La Luna Studios.