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De La Luna Studios was established by Tina Do, a Vietnamese born, Melbourne based designer. Growing up in a family already established in the fashion industry and further studying textile and fashion abroad, Tina developed this unique fashion style - YOU! The brand seeks to help you express your sense of individualism, simplicity and sheer elegance.


To help you create your own fashion trend with collections inspired by you. At De La Luna, we let your own fashion lead the way!


As the directors of a unique fashion label, we are aware of our responsibility to operate in a manner that respects and empowers our customers and partners globally, without losing sight of the world around us. This we do, while upholding the core elements that have become the bedrock of our fashion label - individualism, simplicity and sheer elegance. We are also committed to standing out in our fast changing and often exploitative industry while being considerate to the social, environmental and personal beliefs of everyone on our supply chain. We therefore strive to ensure that these values are etched to the very fabric of our operations here at De La Luna.

Directors, De La Luna Studios.